Forest Grove, OR Dentures: Restoring Smiles with Expert Care

Tooth loss can cause discomfort, change the way you eat and speak and affect your self-esteem. Dentures are a restorative solution that allow you to enjoy all your favorite foods, restore the appearance of your smile and improve your overall health. Dentures are made to look natural, are durable, and can last for many years. Denture technology has significantly improved in recent years, resulting in comfortable, strong dentures that look like your natural teeth.

Full Dentures

A conventional full set of Dentures Forest Grove OR is designed for patients who are missing all the teeth from both upper and lower jaws. Your dentist will remove any remaining teeth and then take measurements before placing the full dentures into your mouth. You will be without teeth for a short period of time as the tissue heals.

Partial Dentures

A partial denture is designed to replace one or more missing teeth and can help prevent your existing teeth from shifting into the gap left by the empty tooth. A partial denture is also a great option for someone who does not want to commit to dental implants. Like full dentures, a partial denture is removable and can be cleaned like your other teeth. You should brush and floss your dentures daily to avoid excess tartar buildup and staining.